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SORCE 2015 Annual General Meeting

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SORCE AGM on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 7-9pm. 

All AGM attendees of drinking age who renew their membership will receive 1 complementary Red Racer!

You must have a 2016 membership to vote, so come out, renew your membership and receive NEW for 2016 - a kids SORCE t-shirt. (or an adult SORCE t-shirt or socks, while they last)

SORCE is successful because we have a dedicated crew of volunteers who have varied talents and experiences. Consider joining the team and share with us your expertise! Click below to learn how you can join the elected team.


So you’re thinking about being a director, but you have a few questions before you leap aboard to help steer the ship. On this page you’ll find a brief description of the typical duties of a director, and answers to some commonly asked questions.  If you are interested in joining the elected team or wish to nominate someone, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Director   The directors of SORCE are responsible for planning for the future of the organization, as well as managing its day to day activities. To fulfill their role, directors are expected to have excellent communication skills allowing them to effectively liaise, negotiate, and communicate with local land managers, SORCE members, corporate supporters, media, and the general public. Directors should expect to set aside a reasonable amount of time to complete all their duties, be committed to the organization and serve their entire term.

Q: How much time can I expect to put in as a director?
A: As a minimum, directors can be expected to put in around 10-15 hours a month.
Q: How long is the required term?
A: One year. If directors wish to continue on for a longer term, they may be re-elected at the AGM.
Q: I don’t think I can commit that much time, can I still be involved?
A: Of course! You can make a difference on your own schedule.

Board of Directors - General Responsibilities
Board members have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the association in line with our mission and vision
The Board is responsible for the sound management of the society including but not limited to strategy, finances, and operations
Board members are required to stay current with the major issues of the association and attend at least 75% of monthly scheduled Board meetings
Board members are expected to be responsive to communications.
Board members are expected to engage and develop a committee of volunteers to assist in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Specific Board Roles

Director roles have been established, each with specific responsibilities and tasks.

Acts as Chair of all meetings of the society or may delegate the role of Chair to another director
Supervises the directors, members and volunteers execution of their duties
Maintains and enhances relationships with other organizations (MTB, government, community, industry, etc.)
Acts as a resource to other directors
Is an authorized signatory on the Society bank accounts
Prepares annual BC Society report and ensures the organization remains in good standing.
Organizes and follows through with Sponsorship for the club
Prepares monthly meeting agendas and minutes.
Ensures that volunteers and members receive recognition (social events).

Administration – Secretary/Treasurer/Membership
Acts as the official record keeper of the organization.
Supervises and administers the organizations electronic files, as well as paper files.
Checks the mailbox and reports on organizational correspondence.
Records and reports on the overall financial position of the society, including record keeping consistent with the Societies Act, CRA regulations and good management principles
Prepares and presents financial statements
Oversees the budget process of the association
Disburses all payments in a timely fashion. Is an authorized signatory on the Society bank accounts
Assists the president with volunteer recruitment, retention and communication.
Ensures that all necessary paperwork & fee payment is completed for members.
Mails member cards and other membership related gifts (socks/T-shirt)
Communicates with other Directors on needed volunteer services.

Director – North (of Hwy 10)
Set up and run trail days and maintenance in North parks
Liaise with Government, Members and Stakeholders in their parks to ensure harmonious use of the trail systems

Director – South (of Hwy 10)
Set up and run trail days and maintenance in South parks
Liaise with Government, Members and Stakeholders in their parks to ensure harmonious use of the trail systems

Director – Races
Schedules, plans, and executes Toonies, and Races
Engages in Race and Ride course selection. Pre-approves race courses before presenting to the board for final approval.
Identifies sponsorship needs for specific races and engages with sponsors.
Liaises with marketing director to produce promotional material for races and ensures it will be distributed.
Acquires race permits.
Coordinates volunteer efforts for events with the Director of Membership

Director – Marketing
Oversees the marketing and communications strategy and tactics of the organization.
Ensures all materials produced and circulated are ‘on brand’ while providing accurate and current content.
Prints and laminates member cards, brochures and posters.
Designs and produces all marketing collateral for events, races, meetings. etc
Produces a monthly newsletter to engage members in all ongoing SORCE business.
Manages content for all social media sites and monitors the level of active engagement with the community.
Liaises with the Directors of Events to ensure all events are covered (photos, blogs, materials) and shared through the website and social media.

Director - Advocacy (Community Liaison)
Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders within the City of Surrey and other relevant Government organizations
Lobby for development and maintenance of new and existing Bike Parks 
Contribute to the City of Surrey Cycling Plan
Establish presence on other relevant City of Surrey sport and recreation committees
Develop and fulfil a public relations plan

Sound like you?  Contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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SORCE Annual General Meeting, Weds Nov 30, 7-9pm

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