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SORCE Executive Meeting

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Surrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts

SORCE – Executive Meeting January 8th, 2015

SORCE Exec Meeting


Called to order @ 19:13

Minutes by Kyle Baillie

In Attendance: Peter F, Dale T, Jim D, Garvey A, Kyle B, Brett A, Mike D.

  1. Review Minutes from AGM
    1. Online at the SORCE website
    2. Moved to accept as posted by Garvey
    3. Accepted
  2. Financials
    1. Tabled to next meeting due to handover of information from previous executive.
  3. Resignations
    1. Derek Kost, Wilma Proctor, Jon Proctor
      1. Positions are open
  4. Nominations for Vacant Positions
    1. Nomination for Kyle Baillie to be secretary and membership.
      1. Moved by Garvey
        1. Accepted unanimously
    2. Treasurer
      1. Peter is nominated by Garvey
        1. Accepted unanimously
    3. North Representative
      1. No nominations
      2. Dale will act as north rep in the meantime
      3. So moved by Garvey
        1. Accepted unanimously
    4. Marketing
      1. Jim Davison is nominated by Peter
        1. Accepted unanimously
    5. Thank you’s to the departing directors
  5. 2015 Goals Review
    1. Redevelopment of SSBP
      1. Potential of bringing in Alpine to do pumptrack/jumps
    2. Signage of SSBP
      1. A number of proposals and drafts are in existence. Need approval from the city?
      2. One large trail map. One city wide map indicating park locations.
      3. SORCE to update the SSBP signage
      4. Need to do a sign inventory
      5. Signs we know about now
        1. Entering bike park area at entry points
        2. Trail names
        3. JYD markings
        4. Sea-Can Repaint and Logo
    3. Trailforks
      1. Pinkbike online trail information source
      2. Want to load up watershed
      3. Need to GPS walk the trail system.
    4. Maintenance funding
      1. Invergarry
      2. SSBP
        1. Resources might be available for specific maintenance but likely not large development or change
        2. Update on Root Rot: has appeared on the north side of 24th ave. Testing underway. Committee is getting close to making recommendation to ask for budget to do more frequent deadfall inspections and remediation. Likely a year away from any movement there.
      3. No definite numbers or limits from the city. We need to get our requests in early.
    5. SORCE operational funding model
      1. Explore grant funding.
      2. Most grant funding is project based. Use assessment and metric tracking to make proposal.
    6. Sponsorship
      1. Dale created a sponsorship schedule
      2. Sponsors want more return, exclusivity on events
    7. Toonie races
      1. Create a trophy out of bike parts for the toonie race
      2. 2 races at Shed
      3. 2 races at SSBP
      4. 1 kids at Shed
      5. 1 kids at SSBP
    8. Memberships
      1. Why should I Join SORCE?
      2. It’s got to be a cool draw.
      3. Leveled Memberships
        1. Free
        2. Paid
          1. Paid gets access to events, memberships, discounts at shops?
    9. Kids Camps
      1. Andy Cooper is interested in running the camps for us.
    10. Update 2007 surrey bike plan
      1. Dale to update
  6. SSBP DJ/Skills area redevelopment
    1. Dale to contact Judd from Alpine.
    2. Need to find a time that Judd and Vince are both available.
    3. Get a quote from Alpine. Get a multiyear/multistage plan.
    4. Take quote to city.
    5. Need to get rid of the block wall.
    6. Moved above- Garvey
      1. All approve
    7. Garvey to make request for gravel in specific areas
    8. Garvey has initiated a tree planting day for the spring
    9. Dale proposes to declare the JYD as an enshrined BC CUP XC race.
  7. Advocacy
    1. Political lobbying: following up on the pre-election communications.
    2. Push the cycling lobby
    3. Update the 2007 City Bike Park Plan
    4. Need to establish ongoing budgetary support for established structures/installations.
  8. Funding Model
    1. How to raise capital co-funding resources
    2. Possible bike raffle to raise funds for a specific project
      1. Seek corporate donation to facilitate this ie high end bike
    3. Grant exploration
  9. Volunteer Log
    1. Goal is to track the number of volunteered hours and participation
    2. Will be useful for advocacy
    3. Need to be conscious of CASL laws, get explicit permission
  10. Toonie Races
    1. April 12- Shed XC
    2. April 25/26- SSBP JYD BC CUP XC - tentative only, Yet to be confirmed by Cycling BC.
    3. May 24- SSBP XC
    4. June 14- Shed Kids
    5. Sept 13- SSBP Kids
    6. Sept 20- Shed XC
    7. Oct 18 – SSBP XC reverse
    8. Nov? – BC CUP CX
    9. Sundays are the preferential day for all
    10. $2 for Race, $5 for food and beverage
  11. Shed
    1. Maintenance day to be planned. Will inform us of the date, we will publicize.
  12. Latimer Lake
    1. MEC involvement? Possibly interested in sponsoring development of the trail system there.
    2. City interested in redeveloping the area as a recreational area.
  13. Memberships
    1. Update membership database
  14. Kids Camps
    1. Kids learn to ride series/camps
  15. Trail Position
    1. New role for Vince. Not a directorship. How to engage him, but keep him on plan? Ask him to make a plan/submission
    2. Terms of Reference:
      1. Advise the executive board and seek approval;
      2. To plan, coordinate and implement new trail construction, maintenance, improvements,
      3. To regularly inspect structures and implement their repair, reconstruction, alteration or removal,
      4. To plan and coordinate trail days with list of specific tasks, and
      5. To advise City of Surrey of deficiencies and coordinate restitution.
    3. Moved by Garvey
      1. Approved by all.
  16. North Rep
  17. Marketing
  18. Other
    1. Reach out to TORCA and FVMBA about a booth at the Bike-show?
    2. Host a Bike event? Trade show or Parts Swap? Kyle to do the Legwork create a business plan. Possible to do a tent at SSBP.
  19. Next Meeting: March 5th, 2015

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Cap's South Shore Cycle Shed Fiver CX Race - Delta Watershed Park - Sun Sep 22


JunkYard Cross CX Race - SSBP - Sun Oct 20

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